The production process of the steel mill begins with the selective sampling from the iron scrap yard of the raw material that is subsequently loaded in the furnaces for melting.
The cast steel is then transferred to refining where targeted metallurgical operations are performed; from the removal of non-metallic impurities to the addition of small percentages of iron alloys according to the chemical analysis foreseen by the type of steel under production.

For this operation SAFAS has made use for more than 30 years, of two refiners out of the furnace, of Union Carbide technology (AOD) equipped with semi-automated plant to load the ferroalloys, for the production of liquid steel coming from arc and induction furnaces. The advantages of this technology, appreciated by prestigious end-users such as BP, Statoil, Norsok, NACE and CTI (Castings Technology International) for its value and importance, are:

  • Uniformity of chemical composition ove the whole heat
  • Decarburization of steels for a better control of the L grade
  • Desulphurization up to low levels of sulphur
  • Removal or addition of nitrogen to the liquid bath without the need to use iron-chromium azotized
  • Reduction of the values of non metallic inclusions and other contaminants such as bismuth and arsenic

Safas AOD


Safas AOD    Safas AOD